MAS Prevention

The MAS Prevention program offers a series of conferences and workshops given by experts in various fields, for the purpose of providing support to all the actors in the educational enterprise: parents, students and teachers, in order to jointly respond assertively to negative social conducts that may endanger the physical, mental or emotional health of the students.

Should you have any doubts regarding our guest speakers, times and/or dates, please do not hesitate to call us on 5658 4766 ext. 4221.








One of the most renowned psychologists of the country, with more than 30 years’ experience on the job. Author of five books: Profesión: mamá: infancia,  Sin dañar a terceros (How to avoid damage to third parties), El niño ante los conflictos entre papá y mama (The child comes before parental conflicts), Profesión: mamá adolescencia (la maestría) (Job title: Mother: adolescence (The masters course)), Hijos Fuertes (Resilient Kids) and the most recent, Las 101 cosas que puedes hacer con tu hijo (a) aunque seas un papa muy ocupado (The 101 things that you can do with your son or daughter even when you are a very busy parent), as well as countless articles and publications in both the foreign and the national press.

Chair of the JULIA BORBOLLA CSO GROUP, Integral Psychologist, offering her services throughout the Republic of Mexico.  Director of ANTENAS POR LOS NIÑOS A.C (Antennas for children), a non-profit organisation that provides psychological help to Mexican children in vulnerable situations.

Throughout this conference Julia will tackle the subject of social networks and the different effects they can have on members of the family. She will present solutions for healthy communication and the appropriate use of cybernetic resources.

The discussion will be based around the significance of our day to day actions and will offer information on how to tackle the subject with children, as well as reflecting on how to raise parental awareness of the risks and precautions that must be considered when navigating the web.




A previous host of the House of Warner Brothers, having dealt with artists and producers such as Kevin Costner, Frank Sinatra and Pierce Brosnan, just to mention a few. He spent 15 years working in the Baby’O club in Acapulco and was the manager for 5 of those years. Vice-president of the Association of Restaurants, Bars and Clubs of Acapulco, Member of the Marketing Committee of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies of Acapulco and Bar Consultant. An expert in alcohol addiction and the effects that this can have on both the mind and the body, endorsed by COMUTEM (the Mexican Community of Therapists), with extensive research into the myths and realities of alcohol and parties, as well as having various recommendations to his name. With more than 22 years of experience in the nightlife sector, he now works in association with foundations such as Latiendo por México (Beating for Mexico), FISAC (Foundation of Social Investigations), Fundación José Cuervo (The José Cuervo foundation), among others. Creator of LA FIESTA DEL SIGLO (the Party of the Century), a conference which has now been given to over 80,000 people in more than 14 states of the Republic of Mexico and 40 educational institutions, businesses, forums and theatres. From September 2016, it will be given in all of the 16 delegations of Mexico City, by request of the Secretary of Health. Rodolfo Tercero has been nominated and selected to receive the Dr. Honoris Causa award for his knowledge and research in the field of alcohol. 

Did you know that the second biggest cause of death amongst the Mexican youth is alcohol consumption? Our children enter a stage of life in which going out to parties and gatherings will gradually become the theme of every weekend. Are they really prepared to go out? Are you familiar with the risks that they will be exposing themselves to?

This conference, which has proved to be a big hit throughout the Republic of Mexico and other countries alike, is not to be missed. The conference will tackle interesting topics that could help your child to take care of themselves.






A graduate of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. Administrator of the Fifth Hagedoorn for Integrated Medical Rehabilitation. Finance market analyst for la Casa de Bolsa Probursa (investment banking and securities brokerage company), currently an associate of the Productos Alimenticios y Golosinas de Morelos Fosa S.A company (A company specialising in Food Products and Sweets from Morelos).  

Member of the World Consulate of Water Skiing for the Disabled Community. Triple world champion of water skiing in the disabled category. Director General of the Association for the Prevention of Craniospinal trauma THINK FIRST. Founder of Ayudando a Vivir, A.C, an association supporting people with disabilities (1991). Winner of the the Narciso Mendoza National Youth Prize.

This conference aims to enable the participants to identify emotional capacities that they have not previously explored and to be able to relate them to those that they do use, so as to be able to face the difficulties that they face daily in the best way possible. Jorge Font presents the ways in which one can redefine vital experiences.

The discussion will cover the concept of resilience, examining its many different facets. Additionally, he will propose a model of self-diagnosis and we will hear various testimonies that will provide us with valuable food for thought.





Sexologist and Sexual Health and Diversity Activist. Specialist in Educational Sexology certified by the Mexican Institute of Sexology and by the Board of Professional Certification for Sexual Education and Sexology. Regional Secretary of the World Association for Sexual Health for the Americas since 2013 and a member of the Advisory Council since 2009.

Co-director of Armario Abierto (Open Closet), an Integral Centre of Education for Sexual Health. Ex-president of the Mexican Federation of Sexual Education and Sexology and currently the Coordinator of Institutional Relations and Political Advocacy.

Civil Society Representative of the Consultative Assembly of the National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination and member of the Governing Body. Pioneer and member of the Council of the International Association of Families for Sexual Diversity. Spokesman and advocate of San Francisco’s Family Acceptance Project.

In February 2016 he received the Compromiso Ibero prize from the chancellor for his work in the fields of gender, health and sexual diversity and for his project against homophobia within the family. 

Its highly likely that we all know people with diverse sexual orientations up to and including people with diverse gender identities. One of the objectives of this talk is to look over the vast panorama of what we today understand as sexual diversity, as well as the ways in which prejudices towards the subject are still present.

The research of the Family Acceptance project proposes to: reduce homophobia, tackle the legal and cultural aspects in regards to sexual diversity and expose the role that parents play in the sexual orientation of their children.






Victor Vilar Gisbert was born in Valencia, Spain. He holds a degree in philosophy and a masters in theoretical and practical philosophy from UNED (the National University of Distance Education). He specialises in emotional intelligence, personal development and Educational Coaching. He is currently the director of the Fundación Sophia (Sophia Foundation) in Mexico. Writer and poet, in his latest book Ecudar con corazón: coaching para profesores (Educating with heart: coaching for teachers) he fuses two aspects of his vocation: personal development and education.

Every human being has an exterior dimension and an interior one. From within this interior world of emotions emerge our attitudes and our behaviours. We often don’t know how to value or understand these and, unfortunately, when we intervene it can bring about an undesirable result.

The development of our emotional intelligence allows us to know and to understand our children as much as ourselves and allows us to prevent harmful behaviours and toxic attitudes.





Pedagogue and specialist in Human Development. Experienced international speaker who has given conferences and courses in Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, as well as the main cities of the Republic of Mexico.

Director of the Liceo de la Familia (the School for Families), which is dedicated to bettering the quality of education through school programmes for parents, educational consultancy and workshops for children and young people. The workshops have been taking place in private schools in the Federal District and throughout the country since 1984. They are based around sexual education, life planning and decision making.

Director and Editor of Producciones Educación Aplicada, a publishing company specialising in the publication of educational outreach books. Author of the following books: Disciplina Inteligente (Intelligent Discipline), Disciplina Inteligente en la Escuela (Intelligent Discipline in school), Aprender a convivir en la Escuela (Learning to get along in school) and the SEP’s (the Mexican Secretary of Public Education) Formación Cívica y Ética 1 and 2 (Civic and Ethical Formation 1 and 2).

The conference aims to offer strategies that allow you to increase your effectivity when it comes to educating your children, in a non-violent setting. We will tackle the following points:

Violent education and reactive behaviours

The scale of violence

Emotional self-control for parents as an educational requisite

The fundamentals of non-violent communication

Emphasising children’s strengths.

  • The Modern American School finished the 2016-2017 school year after great achievements. Enjoy your vacations!

  • The Modern American School will introduce the "Zero trash" program within its MAS Goes Green program. This program aims to maximize the reduction, revaluing and taking advantage of the residual waste generated in our country's capital city. Help us keep our city clean.

  • The Elementary School Graduation Ceremony took place on July 3rd. Congratulations Class of 2017! Never forget the ability to be yourselves is paramount and extraordinary.

  • We feel very proud of three talented alumni who have recently received well-deserved recognition in their respective professional fields. | 1/4

  • ZAMIRA ZAPATA, from the class of 1997 is a lawyer, and was featured in Expansión magazine as one of the most powerful women in Mexico in 2017. She is currently working as Legal and Corporate Security Director for Diageo in Central America and the Caribbean. | 2/4

  • CLAUDIA CALVIN, from the class of 1985 is an international relations scholar. She was featured in Forbes magazine as one of the most powerful women in 2017. She is the former director of the Mexican Council of International Affairs and the founder of Mujeres Construyendo, a platform for women bloggers in Latin America. | 3/4

  • GABRIELA CARRILLO, from the class of 1996 is an architect. Se was featured in Forbes magazine for winning the Female architect of the year 2017 given by Architectural Review and Architect's Journal. She is a partner of the Taller Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo architectural firm. | 4/4

  • The high school graduation ceremony took place on June 24th. After 15 years of studying, the students that belong to the class of 2017 achieved the highest collective award given by the Modern American School: graduating as a Gold Class.

  • Carlos Frenk Mora, 'one of the main contributors to cold dark matter theory for galaxy formation' received The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE),  by Her Majesty, Queen Isabel II of the United Kingdom, for his contributions to cosmology and his role in the diffusion of science. Carlos Frenk is currently the Director of the Institute of Computational Cosmology at the Durham University.

  • The Sports Award Ceremony of the Modern American School was held on Sunday, June 18th. These events are a clear and enjoyable way of witnessing firsthand how sports help to forge students' spirits in areas that transcend the courts. Congratulations to all the athletes!

  • During their year end festival, the Kindergarten students staged Rudyard Kipling's extraordinary story, The Jungle Book. An unforgettable classic work of literature en which the author, brings to life   In his narration animals that live in the Indian jungle, relating a series of life lessons in which the value of law, friendship and above all teamwork is highlighted through recognizing our peers.

  • High School students from first to sixth year will be presenting an exhibition with the best work carried out in art, design and sculpture class, from the academic year 2016 -2017.

  • On Saturday June 17th, the class of 1997 joined in southern Mexico City to celebrate the 20th anniverssary of their graduation ceremony. Almost 50 alumni reminisced about their years spent at the Modern American School.

  • The class of 2001 celebrated their 16th graduation ceremony anniversary on friday June 16th. "The celebration came after many years of not seeing each other. Approximately 40 alumni managed to come and we missed not having many others. The best thing was the companionship and joy felt during the party which made the event last until breakfast on the following day."

  • Joy, talent and enthusiasm were the order of the day at the 2017 Annual Dance Festival "Enchantment Through Musicals". Congratulations to all our graceful bailarinas!

  • On the Saturday the 3rd of June, the pupils who graduated in '87 had their school reunion.  It started with the Champion's final and ended in the early hours with dancing and karaoke.  For a few hours, approximately 80 ex pupils relived the experiences and memories that united them during the event. Congratulations Class of 87!

  • Carlos Frenk Mora, who graduated in 1970, was admitted as a member to the Mexican Academy of Science.  The ceremony took place on Friday the 26th of May in the Institute of Astronomy in the UNAM where he gave the talk "Everything from nothing: how the universe was formed".  Congratulations!

  • Every week, the team from National Geographic Latin America choose the best photo from those that have been sent in by their readers to be published on the web. This week's photo was taken in New York by Jimena San Germán Elizondo - who is current taking the Photography Workshop in the afternoon at the Modern American School. Congratulations!

  • The XVII National Mathematic Olympics has now concluded in Zacatecas. The pupils from the Modern American School took first, second and third place in their respective categories. Congratulations! We are extremely proud of their achievements!

  • Julio Frenk Mora who graduated in 1972 will be accepted into the Biological Science branch of the National School (El Colegio Nacional) on the 24th of May. Accompany him in the Welcome Ceremony where he will give the opening lecture: "Health and Upper education: a time of changes".  Congratulations! (24th of May 2017, 11 am, in the National School in Donceles 104, Centro Historico).

  • Happy Mother's Day!

  • Paola Benítez Rentería, who graduated in 2012 from the Modern American School (MAS), has been named as the most valuable player from the  National Basketball Tournament in the ABE league. Paola finishes her university degrees from the the Anahuac University (North) with this acknowledgment having scored: an average of 18 points; 10.3 rebounds; and 2.0 "assists" per game. Congratulations!!!

  • Happy Children´s Day!

  • The regional mathematic Olympics took place towards the end of March in Morelos. Pupils from the Modern American School got great results whilst representing the CD.MX. delegation - which took the first place for States. Congratulations!! 

  • Happy Easter!

  • Tomás and Gonzalo, who are in second and third year of secondary, will form part of the  team to represent Mexico City in the Regional Mathematics Olympics. The event will take place in Oaxtepec in Morales, from the 22nd to the 24th of March.  Best of luck! 

  • It is with great pride that we share with you the news that four pupils from the Modern American School (two from fifth and two from sixth year in primary) have been chosen to represent Mexico City in the Olympic heats for the National Olympic Competition in Mathematics for primary and secondary school pupils. 

  • Gabriela Carrillo Valadez, from the class of 1996, received on March 3rd the “Women in Architecture Award” in London, presented by Architectural Review and the Architect’s Journal. Gabriela was recognized as the 2017 architect of the year, for her design and construction of the oral criminal courts in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán.

  • Congratulations to María Teresa Frenk, an ex pupil (year 1978) who was recently named the director for the Faculty of Music at the UNAM - Congratulations!

  • Happy 65th anniversary!

  • The Modern American School would like to congratulate Marcela, the new General Director of the International Cervantine Festival and Promotion of Cultural Festivals of the Ministry of Culture. Prouldy a former student of the Modern American School, class of 1974. We wish you great success!


  • A few days ago, students, directors and staff of the Cultura Azteca elementary school, located in Milpa Alta, received choolwork designed to motivate reading. This was created by our Elementary School children within the framework of our
    permanent campaign to instill fundamental values for healthy coexistence.

  • In turn, the children from this semi-rural school sent the MAS students leaflets they created containing information about their school, the area they live in and their daily experiences. This action marks the beginning of a project which will reinforce respect, tolerance and sensibility to other people's needs in our students, while remaining proud and aware of themselves and the potential of their actions.

  • The Modern American School congratulates Jorge Wolpert Kuri, an ex student from the 1988 generation, who a few days a go was named the Director General of the National Housing Commission, CONAVI.  All the best!

  • The medal tally obtained by our athletes in the Inter-school Competitions fills us with pride. 45 medals in total: 19 gold, 15 silver and 11 bronze.  Congratulations!

  • For the third year in a row, our cheerleaders won the FIRST PLACE in the Inter-school Competitions.  Huge Congratulations!

  • On November 9th, the entire high school community participated in an homage to Professor Adelaida Casamitjana de Sarukhán, for having completed 50 years of service in the UNAM's Incorporated System and 40 in the Modern American School. Her work was always an example of passionate dedication to knowledge for her students as well as for other teachers. Congratulations and thank you, Adelaida!

  • To mark the beginning of the enrollment period for the 2017-2018 school year, the Modern American School would like to announce the First Preschool Open House, to be held on Saturday, November 26th, at 10:00 am. An appointment is required to attend, to schedule, please call 56584766, extensions 4218 and 4229. It is important to call early, as space is limited. If you have any questions, please call us and we will gladly answer them.

  • The Modern American School has just inaugurated a modern computer lab for its High School students. The new space has been equipped with high definition projectors, remote controlled motorized projection screens, computers specialized in robotics and high speed internet with a hub, among other things.

  • The Modern American School invites you to attend the exhibition “Musical Voyages” of the Spanish master Manuel Pujol Baladas, at the Francisco Cosío Museum in San Luis Potosí.

  • The 2016 Day of the Dead offering is a tribute to William Shakespeare. The High School students of the Modern American School, under the guidance of architect Fernando Trigo, put together a wonderful altar and sawdust carpet devoted to the playwright, poet and actor William Shakespeare for the 400th anniversary of his death.

  • The Modern American School inaugurated master Lucille Wong's temporary exhibition "Steeds and unveiled gardens".

  • Happy Halloween!

  • Within the MAS prevention program, Julia Borbolla spoke to the parents about the importance of being able to adapt to traditions, customs and family ties - with a view to being able to put together a new family model where social networks are included.

  • Andres Ornelas, an ex-pupil from the class of 2013 and a current student of biomedical engineering at Yale University received the Venture Award last August for the development of the "Ballistra Guidewire Advancer". This system allows doctors greater security when inserting a catheter that enables the delivery of drugs and fluids to patients about to undergo surgery. Congratulations!

  • The Modern American School, invited Dr. Rosalía Pastor to speak about ivory trade to its 5th year students as part of its march for the elephants, rhinoceri and lions. She also spoke about the adequate care of these species in captivity. It is everyone's responsibility to avoid the extinction of such iconic and environmentally necessary species.

  • The MAS Goes Green program of the Modern American School carries out actions that help generate a conscience of the world that surrounds us. The second year Elementary students marched around the school, to symbolically join a march carried out in 145 cities around the World with the intention of raising awareness of the serious risk elephants, rhinoceri and lions currently live in.

  • Dear Alumni, we had hoped to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the foundation of our school right here at home, in our own campus. However, preparing the space to make it suitable for this kind of event elevated the cost significantly. Considering this and keeping to the true spirit of the event, meeting with all of you, we have decided to change the location to The Camino Real Hotel in Polanco. We hope to see you to celebrate this great event together!

  • Welcome to the new school year 2016-2017!


Acepto expresamente términos y condiciones de este AVISO DE PRIVACIDAD

Aviso de Privacidad. Por este conducto el(los) Padre(s) del alumno(a) correspondiente (en adelante conjuntamente el(los) Padre(s) y el alumno(a) como el "Titular" expresamente autorizan a la ESCUELA MODERNA AMERICANA, S.C. (en adelante "MAS") con domicilio en Cerro del Hombre Número 18, Colonia Romero de Terreros, Delegación Coyoacán, México, Distrito Federal, Código Postal 04310, para que MAS, obtenga, use, almacene, disponga, tenga acceso y adicionalmente transmita y transfiera a cualquier autoridad y/o institución, especialmente de carácter educativo incluyendo para el ejercicio de sus atribuciones y por cualquier medio conocido o por conocerse incluyendo sin ser limitativo impreso y/o electrónico, los datos personales del Titular, incluyendo en su caso datos personales sensibles, en el entendido de que el presente Aviso de Privacidad también puede versar y tratar sobre los mismos (en adelante conjuntamente incluyendo en su caso los datos personales sensibles como los "Datos Personales").

El tratamiento de los Datos Personales del Titular queda sujeto a todo lo siguiente:

1. Su autorización será revocable por el Titular de conformidad con las disposiciones aplicables en la Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares (en adelante la "Ley"). En caso de revocación, el Titular libera de responsabilidad a MAS sobre la consecuencia y causas de dicha revocación.

2. Se llevará a cabo y hará con las siguientes finalidades, para que MAS pueda: facturar y llevar a cabo sus procesos administrativos; cumplir con las obligaciones de MAS derivadas de cualquier relación contractual que tenga o llegue a tener con el Titular; generar y respaldar información con respecto a su matrícula escolar; llevar a cabo monitoreo y estadística; informar al Titular de cambios en materia educativa y administrativa; contactar al Titular, en especial en casos de emergencia; y pueda cumplir con todas las leyes, reglamentos, ordenamientos, circulares, decretos y directivas aplicables, especialmente relacionados en materia educativa y en relación con el alumno(a).

3. Se llevará a cabo por todo el tiempo que sea necesario para que MAS pueda cumplir a cabalidad con las finalidades referidas en 2 anterior.

4. Se llevará a cabo por MAS y las siguientes personas: sus socios, administrador(es), gerente(s), empleado(s); apoderado(s), sus consultor(es) y/o proveedores de transporte escolar.

Se establece que los Datos Personales constituyen información confidencial del Titular. Por tanto, MAS acuerda mantener todos y cada una de los Datos Personales en estricta confidencialidad y se obliga a no divulgar ni revelar los Datos Personales a personas distintas a las señaladas y/o permitidas en el presente aviso sin contar con el previo consentimiento otorgado por el Titular. MAS tomará las medidas razonables para evitar la divulgación de los Datos Personales a terceros de manera diversa a la permitida mediante el presente Aviso de Privacidad, como por ejemplo, restringir el acceso a los Datos Personales a determinadas personas.

La obligación de confidencialidad no será aplicable a: (i) información que sea del dominio público, que sea pública o que obre en fuentes de acceso público como dicho término se define en la Ley; (ii) información que resulte evidente, incluyendo para un técnico en la materia; (iii) información que previamente a su divulgación ya obre en poder de MAS o de cualquiera de las personas a que se refiere el numeral 4 anterior o haya sido desarrollada independientemente por MAS o por dichas personas; (iv) información que deba ser divulgada por disposición legal, orden judicial o de autoridad competente.

El Titular de los Datos Personales tendrá el derecho de acceso, rectificación, cancelación u oposición de conformidad con lo dispuesto por la Ley. Para hacer efectivos estos derechos, el Titular de los Datos Personales deberá seguir el procedimiento que se describe a continuación: (a) la solicitud de acceso, rectificación, cancelación u oposición deberá hacerse por escrito y dirigirse a ESCUELA MODERNA AMERICANA, S.C., domicilio en Cerro del Hombre Número 18, Colonia Romero de Terreros, Delegación Coyoacán, México, Distrito Federal, Código Postal 04310 y (b) la solicitud deberá contener y acompañar lo siguiente: (b.i) el(los) nombre(s) del Titular y domicilio(s) u otro medio para comunicarle la respuesta a su solicitud; (b.ii) los documentos que acrediten la identidad o, en su caso, la representación legal del Titular; (b.iii) la descripción clara y precisa de los Datos Personales respecto de los que se busca ejercer alguno de los derechos antes mencionados; (b.iv) cualquier otro elemento o documento que facilite la localización de los Datos Personales; y (b.v) en su caso, las modificaciones a realizarse y aportar la documentación que sustente su petición. MAS comunicará al Titular, en un plazo máximo de veinte días naturales contados desde la fecha en que recibió la solicitud correspondiente debidamente integrada, la determinación adoptada, a efecto de que, si resulta procedente, se haga efectiva la misma dentro de los quince días naturales siguientes a la fecha en que se comunica la respuesta al Titular. De conformidad con lo establecido en la Ley, los plazos antes referidos podrán ser ampliados una sola vez por un periodo igual, siempre y cuando así lo justifiquen las circunstancias del caso.

El presente Aviso de Privacidad podrá ser modificado mediante un simple aviso por escrito y/o electrónico que MAS dirija al Titular de los Datos Personales con por lo menos treinta días naturales de anticipación a la fecha efectiva de la modificación. En el caso en que el Titular de los Datos Personales no esté de acuerdo con las modificaciones, éste tendrá el derecho de oposición en los términos anteriormente descritos. De no presentarse oposición durante los treinta días naturales señalados anteriormente o si la oposición resulta infundada, las modificaciones a este Aviso de Privacidad cuando no versen sobre datos personales sensibles se tendrán por aceptadas para todos los efectos legales a que haya lugar. No será necesario el procedimiento anterior cuando las modificaciones consten en acuerdo por escrito firmado o cuando medie consentimiento por el Titular de los Datos Personales.

  • How can I send in my resume?
  • There are two ways: Through our webpage in the "Join our team" section by filling out the corresponding format, or by sending it to the following email:

  • What is the registration fee and tuition?
  • For the current school year 2016-2017:

    Kindergarten II y III $ 10,070.00 $ 7,175.00
    Pre-First English $ 15,750.00 $ 8,700.00
    Primary $ 16,540.00 $ 9,125.00
    Junior High School $ 17,160.00 $ 11,650.00
    High School $ 17,695.00 $ 11,750.00

    For the school year 2017-2018:

    Kindergarten II y III $ 10,675.00 $ 7,625.00
    Pre-First English $ 16,695.00 $ 9,225.00
    Primary $ 17,535.00 $ 9,675.00
    Junior High School $ 18,190.00 $ 12,350.00
    High School $ 18,760.00 $ 12,450.00



    *12 months, the first payment is in September. The inscription includes a gym uniform and from Prefirst on, the lending of the English reading books. In Kindergarten, tuition includes a daily light refreshment.

  • What is the cost of the School Transport?
  • For the 2016-2017 school year there are ten monthly payments of $1,980.00. The first payment is in September.

    For the 2017-2018 school year there are ten monthly payments of $2,130.00.

  • When a child is first enrolled in the school, is there a family fee?
  • We do not charge a family fee.

  • Is there an extended schedule?
  • We do not offer an extended schedule. We have a program of volunteer afternoon activities for students starting from KIII.

  • Where is the school located?
  • The school is located in the south of the city on Cerro del Hombre #18, on the corner with Miguel Ángel de Quevedo, in Colonia Romero de Terreros in Coyoacán, Mexico City. Cerro del Hombre is located at about half the distance from Av. Universidad and the Mega Comercial Mexicana. The entrance is half a block away from Miguel Ángel de Quevedo.


  • What is the procedure to offer a product or service to the school?
  • Send a letter of introduction to the following email: If we are interested, we will contact you.