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  • We would like to congratulate Gabriela Carrillo (generation 1996) who, together with Mauricio Rocha from "Taller de Arquitectura", received a Gold Medal from the French Academy of Architecture on June the 11th. Gabriela and Mauricio obtained this award as recognition for their career; their work has been described as "a subtle combination of proportions, volumes and light, where local materials and construction techniques play an essential role. From all this arises an unspeakable harmony, a hymn to well-being and beauty. Their approach seeks to translate the traditions and materials of the places in which they work to a contemporary setting. This is not done in an ornamental way, but with a structural focus ". Congratulations and here’s to many more achievements!

  • With great satisfaction, we conclude the 2018-2019 school year. Happy Holidays!

  • May you continue your journey with integrity and joy. Congratulations, class of 2019!

  • Congratulations CLASS OF 2019! "That energy, drive, passion and ambition you have, use it for the greater good. Go and make us even prouder. Class of 2019, go and leave your mark in every corner of the sky." Mtra. Helen Sugden Joy

  • After 25 years, during which time most had not seen each other, they realised that differences in taste, style or ideology are just trivial. What really unites them, what lies behind every hug, every "what a pleasure to see you!", is that they grew up together. The School gave them roots and pushed them to take flight. Whether it was with a 10 or with 7, with a gold, orange, blue or yellow card, does not matter; the important thing is that it was experienced together, that it was at the Modern American School and that makes it wonderful. Thank you MAS for such an opportunity, thank you for lifelong friendships. Congratulations Class of 94!

  • On Monday the 10th of June, The Modern American School inaugurated a modern and functional meeting room.

  • After months of preparation, the elementary dance group presented a dynamic and energetic show called Rock of Ages. At this event, we were able to enjoy the great dance skills of our students to the rhythm of the best rock songs of the '80s and '90s. With music by the likes of AC / DC, Metallica, Gun's and Roses and Aerosmith, we enjoyed a great night of rock that we will remember forever.

  • We would like to congratulate Cecilia Vázquez, (generation 1986) for the recent opening of her exhibition Reflejos: resonancia del deseo. We invite you to view it in Gallery 56 of the Mexican Culture Seminar, located at 526 Presidente Masaryk, Polanco. The exhibition consists of 29 works, including installations and mixed media paintings. It is not to be missed and it will be open until June 30, from Tuesday to Sunday,11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • A double congratulations to Gina Enríquez Morán, generation 1973. Firstly, we would like to congratulate her for the 2019 Mozart Medal that she received last January for her career as a composer. This medal is the most important award given for classical music in Mexico. Secondly, we congratulate her for her inclusion on the 2019 list of the 100 most powerful women in Mexico by Forbes Magazine. Gina Enríquez graduated from the UNAM School of Music and has specialised studies from Boston, London and Paris. She is the founding director of the New Millenium Symphonic Orchestra of Women in Mexico and of the José Pablo Moncayo Youth Symphony Orchestra. Congratulations and here's to many more successes!

  • During the 1st. Basketball tournament for former students, SAEMA raised $ 7,396.50 MXN that will be used for the reconstruction of the Tetsijtsilin Telesecundaria'cafeteria. The Modern American School thanks all attendees for their donations.

  • Thirty five years after graduating, the classmates of generation '84 met last April for a pleasant meal to remeniss over old memories, relive stories and renew friendships. They regretted the absence of those who could not join them and would like to extend an invitation to stay in touch for the next anniversary party. Congratulations generation 84!

  • On Saturday, May 4th, the 1st Basketball Tournament for alumni was held with great success. Nearly 100 players made up 22 teams, confirming the Modern American School's fondness and tradition for the sport of basketball. This event offered alumni, family and friends, as well as managers and the School staff, a great opportunity to spend some time together. Congratulations to the teams that took first place and our thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm and support at the Alumni Society's first sporting event. We wish to invite all alumni to our next event. Look out for more details coming soon.

  • To our MAS community: we are delighted to inform you that on the 29th of April the new sun shade was installed in the Modern American School.

  • In the fifth year of secondary school, a large theatrical production known as "El Play" is put on. It involves the whole generation and they work on it throughout the school year. This year, William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, known in Spanish as Noche de Reyes, was performed. Twelfth Night is a great masterpiece that has the potential to be too great for many school productions. However, the work of the students of the fifth year attests to their great talent, strong effort and deep dedication with which the productions are put together in the Modern American School.

  • Hello Spring! The Kindergarten of the Modern American School is celebrating the arrival of spring by observing the life cycle of butterflies, some of the most important pollinating agents in the world.

  • The MAS 2019 Book Fair for the students of Kindergarten, Pre-Primary, Primary and Baccalaureate was especially successful and engaging this year. The attendees - students, family and friends of the MAS community - enjoyed pleasant mornings interacting with words and books. This edition of the Fair incorporated a new activity: five alumni shared their personal experiences as writers, from their reasons for writing to the difficulties and satisfactions of this well-loved trade. The MAS community had the opportunity to listen to them and to ask them questions that they answered with the ingenuity and eloquence to be expected from masters of the pen. The alumni who made an appearance were Graciela Bellón (1981), Norma Elizondo (1979), Mónica Lavín (1974), Mauricio Sanders (1991) and Ma. Elena Sarmiento (1981). Congratulations on such creativity! "

  • Once again, we congratulate Eduardo Andrade, from generation 2013, for his recently appearance on the Forbes list of the 100 most creative Mexicans in the world. Eduardo completed his bachelor's degree in composition and his master's degree in screen composition at the Royal College of Music in London. At just 25 years old, he has already created more than 30 compositions for short films, documentaries and animations. We wish you much success in the future. Congratulations!

  • Twenty years later, generation 99 had a happy reunion on the 12th of January in Polanco. Although this was the first reunion, it was worth the wait as they had a great time. Congratulations Generation 1999!

  • For the next school year (2019-2020), the Modern American School will offer an Afterschool Stay & Play within its Kindergarten facilities, Monday through Friday from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. In this space, your children will be safe and cared for. We will work to reinforce the socio-emotional area, personal self-care and the development of motor and cognitive skills through guided play activities. Our goal is for your children to feel comfortable, accompanied and loved.

  • Happy Holidays!

  • Interscholastic Athletics Competition. In November, the Modern American School participated in the Interscholastic Athletics Competition, where our students achieved extraordinary results. They obtained a total of 52 medals: 30 gold, 10 silver and 12 bronze, which resulted in the school winning five of the eight trophies in the different categories. Our cheerleaders also did a great job, upholding the school’s name as always. Congratulations to all the athletes, cheerleaders and coaches who participated in the competition. This result is undoubtedly the product of their continuous effort.

  • Ana and Thomas, huge congratulations on winning as part of the Mexico City team, the Mexican Mathematics Olympics for the second year in a row!

  • 3D PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION. The Modern American School has inaugarated the Exhibition ‘Dimensions in Nostalgia,’ by prof. Gerardo Alcalá. It is an exhibition of stereoscopic or three-dimensional photography, in which the illusion of profundity seems to correspond to an authentic reality, seen from a new perspective. Sent from my iPhone

  • For several years, the American Modern School has been coordinating conservation and environment care projects in its "MAS GOES GREEN" program. During the present school year, all assemblies are aimed at helping the students to become aware of the problems that environmental pollution represents and of the actions that we can all undertake to counteract it. One of the most serious environmental problems that our society is facing in recent years is e-waste or electronic waste. This is seriously affecting the planet. We invite you to participate in the "Reciclatrón", to be held on the 25th and 26th of October. During the day, we will be coordinating the collection of electronic and electrical waste at UNAM: "Tu Tienda UNAM", from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Working together we can make a difference! "

  • Final year Modern American School students, Juan Bobadilla and Santiago Peralta, are the creators of the short film "One out of five", which they entered into the Eco Film 2018 competition. Their work was selected as one of the 37 finalists, from a total of 3000 participants, and will be presented at the MIDE Museum next Sunday, October the 21st at 12:00pm. Congratulations, Juan and Santiago! "

  • Every year, our high school students create a spectacular “ofrenda” to the dead in the Modern American School. This year, the UNAM Language Centre in Canada has invited the School to join with them to commemorate this tradition through the installation of an Altar of the Dead. Students and teachers will travel to Quebec, Canada to set up an altar and a flower carpet in honour of Frida Kahlo, Leonard Cohen and Jean Dellaire. We are so proud to continue internationally sharing a tradition that so very Mexican and that is so much ours. The offering will remain open until November the 2nd . If you live nearby, do not miss it! | Inauguration: Tuesday, October 30, 5:30 p.m. Location: Exhibition Centre Villa de Gatineau, "Maison du Citoyen" Address: 25 Laurier St, Gatineau, QC J8X 4C8, Canada

  • We congratulate Raúl Abraham Castro Corona (Generation 2011) for his outstanding participation in the G20 youth meeting, held last August in Argentina. Abraham was one of the two Mexicans, chosen from hundreds of candidates, to participate in this forum known as Youth 20. The Y20 is a forum of youth representation that contributes to the work of the G20, made up of the main economies of the world and that meets annually in a different venue. On this occasion, it will meet in Argentina in order to debate policies relating to economic global governance. "

  • ¡Viva México!

  • In 1996, the Modern American School started a social work project with final year high school students from the humanities sector. The project came about thanks to the dedication and commitment of the teachers Lourdes Chávez, Romeo Tello and Isabel Arregui. From the very beginning, one of the project’s primary objectives was to raise awareness among future graduates of the importance of recognising other realities existing within our country. From this moment on, a close link was formed with the Telesecundaria “Tetsijtsilin”, located within the Cuetzalan municipality, Puebla. | 1of4

  • Every year, as a result of the diverse activities organized by our students, the Modern American School makes donations to the Telesecundaria, both in cash and in kind. With the help of these donations, the school has been able to improve in terms of both the level of education and its facilities. The improvement has been such that nowadays the school works with more than 350 students. Among the diverse spaces that have been added to the Telesecundaria we have: classrooms built with limestone and reinforced concrete slabs, a mushroom farm, a butterfly house, an apiary, a library, and a senior management facility. As well as this, the contributions have helped towards increasing the bibliographical and technological resources. | 2of4

  • In the last two years, a bioclimatic building has been added to the list of projects. This building contains restrooms, showers and washing facilities, all of which has considerably improved the sanitation and hygiene of the Telesecundaria students. The building, designed by the Architect Fernando Trigo, is built from bamboo and limestone. Both materials are endemic to the Puebla mountains making the building 100% sustainable as it functions with rain water and solar energy, as well as processing waste to make compost and biogas. | 3of4

  • What began as a promising initiative, is today a fundamental part of our students’ comprehensive training. Cuetzalan constitutes a multidisciplinary project through which, with hard work and dedication, the students can realize their own strength and potential to make a change in their own environment, with the use of compromise and responsibility. | 4of4

  • On Saturday the 28th of August, the 1968 generation met to celebrate their 50 year graduation anniversary in what was a fabulous event. Forty ex pupils met to chat, remember and dance until midnight. Everyone dressed in black and white, reminiscent of their graduation photo from Primary Six. Congratulations and may there be many more future celebrations!

  • Welcome to the new school year 2018-2019!

Academic year 2018-2019

Acepto expresamente términos y condiciones de este AVISO DE PRIVACIDAD

Aviso de Privacidad. Por este conducto el(los) Padre(s) del alumno(a) correspondiente (en adelante conjuntamente el(los) Padre(s) y el alumno(a) como el "Titular" expresamente autorizan a la ESCUELA MODERNA AMERICANA, S.C. (en adelante "MAS") con domicilio en Cerro del Hombre Número 18, Colonia Romero de Terreros, Delegación Coyoacán, México, Distrito Federal, Código Postal 04310, para que MAS, obtenga, use, almacene, disponga, tenga acceso y adicionalmente transmita y transfiera a cualquier autoridad y/o institución, especialmente de carácter educativo incluyendo para el ejercicio de sus atribuciones y por cualquier medio conocido o por conocerse incluyendo sin ser limitativo impreso y/o electrónico, los datos personales del Titular, incluyendo en su caso datos personales sensibles, en el entendido de que el presente Aviso de Privacidad también puede versar y tratar sobre los mismos (en adelante conjuntamente incluyendo en su caso los datos personales sensibles como los "Datos Personales").

El tratamiento de los Datos Personales del Titular queda sujeto a todo lo siguiente:

1. Su autorización será revocable por el Titular de conformidad con las disposiciones aplicables en la Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares (en adelante la "Ley"). En caso de revocación, el Titular libera de responsabilidad a MAS sobre la consecuencia y causas de dicha revocación.

2. Se llevará a cabo y hará con las siguientes finalidades, para que MAS pueda: facturar y llevar a cabo sus procesos administrativos; cumplir con las obligaciones de MAS derivadas de cualquier relación contractual que tenga o llegue a tener con el Titular; generar y respaldar información con respecto a su matrícula escolar; llevar a cabo monitoreo y estadística; informar al Titular de cambios en materia educativa y administrativa; contactar al Titular, en especial en casos de emergencia; y pueda cumplir con todas las leyes, reglamentos, ordenamientos, circulares, decretos y directivas aplicables, especialmente relacionados en materia educativa y en relación con el alumno(a).

3. Se llevará a cabo por todo el tiempo que sea necesario para que MAS pueda cumplir a cabalidad con las finalidades referidas en 2 anterior.

4. Se llevará a cabo por MAS y las siguientes personas: sus socios, administrador(es), gerente(s), empleado(s); apoderado(s), sus consultor(es) y/o proveedores de transporte escolar.

Se establece que los Datos Personales constituyen información confidencial del Titular. Por tanto, MAS acuerda mantener todos y cada una de los Datos Personales en estricta confidencialidad y se obliga a no divulgar ni revelar los Datos Personales a personas distintas a las señaladas y/o permitidas en el presente aviso sin contar con el previo consentimiento otorgado por el Titular. MAS tomará las medidas razonables para evitar la divulgación de los Datos Personales a terceros de manera diversa a la permitida mediante el presente Aviso de Privacidad, como por ejemplo, restringir el acceso a los Datos Personales a determinadas personas.

La obligación de confidencialidad no será aplicable a: (i) información que sea del dominio público, que sea pública o que obre en fuentes de acceso público como dicho término se define en la Ley; (ii) información que resulte evidente, incluyendo para un técnico en la materia; (iii) información que previamente a su divulgación ya obre en poder de MAS o de cualquiera de las personas a que se refiere el numeral 4 anterior o haya sido desarrollada independientemente por MAS o por dichas personas; (iv) información que deba ser divulgada por disposición legal, orden judicial o de autoridad competente.

El Titular de los Datos Personales tendrá el derecho de acceso, rectificación, cancelación u oposición de conformidad con lo dispuesto por la Ley. Para hacer efectivos estos derechos, el Titular de los Datos Personales deberá seguir el procedimiento que se describe a continuación: (a) la solicitud de acceso, rectificación, cancelación u oposición deberá hacerse por escrito y dirigirse a ESCUELA MODERNA AMERICANA, S.C., domicilio en Cerro del Hombre Número 18, Colonia Romero de Terreros, Delegación Coyoacán, México, Distrito Federal, Código Postal 04310 y (b) la solicitud deberá contener y acompañar lo siguiente: (b.i) el(los) nombre(s) del Titular y domicilio(s) u otro medio para comunicarle la respuesta a su solicitud; (b.ii) los documentos que acrediten la identidad o, en su caso, la representación legal del Titular; (b.iii) la descripción clara y precisa de los Datos Personales respecto de los que se busca ejercer alguno de los derechos antes mencionados; (b.iv) cualquier otro elemento o documento que facilite la localización de los Datos Personales; y (b.v) en su caso, las modificaciones a realizarse y aportar la documentación que sustente su petición. MAS comunicará al Titular, en un plazo máximo de veinte días naturales contados desde la fecha en que recibió la solicitud correspondiente debidamente integrada, la determinación adoptada, a efecto de que, si resulta procedente, se haga efectiva la misma dentro de los quince días naturales siguientes a la fecha en que se comunica la respuesta al Titular. De conformidad con lo establecido en la Ley, los plazos antes referidos podrán ser ampliados una sola vez por un periodo igual, siempre y cuando así lo justifiquen las circunstancias del caso.

El presente Aviso de Privacidad podrá ser modificado mediante un simple aviso por escrito y/o electrónico que MAS dirija al Titular de los Datos Personales con por lo menos treinta días naturales de anticipación a la fecha efectiva de la modificación. En el caso en que el Titular de los Datos Personales no esté de acuerdo con las modificaciones, éste tendrá el derecho de oposición en los términos anteriormente descritos. De no presentarse oposición durante los treinta días naturales señalados anteriormente o si la oposición resulta infundada, las modificaciones a este Aviso de Privacidad cuando no versen sobre datos personales sensibles se tendrán por aceptadas para todos los efectos legales a que haya lugar. No será necesario el procedimiento anterior cuando las modificaciones consten en acuerdo por escrito firmado o cuando medie consentimiento por el Titular de los Datos Personales.