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  • With an enormous feeling of satisfaction and achievement, The Modern American School announces the end of the school year 2017 - 2018. Have a wonderful holiday one and all!

  • The Modern American School’s prize giving ceremony for primary school took place the 3rd of July - congratulations Class 2018!

  • Congratulations, Class of 2018! May your future be bright as you continue to shine.

  • The Modern American School bids farewell to another school year celebrating a world without borders, with incredible staging full of music and dance from several corners of the world. With tangos, polka, russian dances, sons and jarabes, the children really enjoyed the festival and they shared with us a part of their happy world.

  • Lorena Mata, an ex pupil who graduated in 1981, inaugurated the exposition “The Other”, next to Oscar Ojeda. The paintings on show are not traditional portraits that focus on the exterior of the character, but rather, they have more depth. They look to discover: the inside, the intimacy, the hidden stories and all that can be seen on a face. We invite you to visit the exposition which is currently in the Veracruz Art Gallery at Miguel Ángel de Quevedo 687 in Coyoacan until the16th of June, from Tuesday to Saturday 11.00 to 14.00 and from 16.00 to 17.00.

  • Team CDMX win first place in the XVIII National Mathematic Olympiad. The team for pupils in Primary and Secondary, that represented Mexico City in the XVIII National Mathematic Olympiad, won first place in a competition where over 200 children and young people from 26 states were competing. Constanza, Vicky, Ana, Diego and Tomas, all students from the Modern American School, are five of the eight winners from the ONMAPS. Moreover, Tomas was one of three people who completed his test perfectly. We are so proud to have you as our students!

  • Happy Children's Day!

  • The students from Year ‘78 are celebrating 40 years since they graduated. “Our dear companions, Allen Sanginés and Federico Lucio, threw us an amazing party to celebrate the 40 years since we graduated. Sixty six people went - thirty of those coming from outside Mexico City. We had a lovely afternoon full of memories, laughs and affection. An Unforgettable day where we remembered our roots in the Modern American School.”

  • Congratulations to Patricia de la Garza, Year 2014, who was recently given the distinguished title of Emersonian of the Year”. This award is given but once a year to a member of the community who has stood out due to their dedication and exceptional leadership. Furthermore, Patricia was admitted to the “Purple Key Society” for her civic dedication, leadership and academic excellence. Patricia studies Performance at the Emerson College in Boston - we wish her every success today and in the years to come.

  • Congratulations to Alberto Beuchot (class of 1975) for the publication of his book “Dominios de la congruencia en el coaching personal y organizacional” (Domains of congruency in personal and organizational coaching), where he suggests that growth as a person happens through interpratative deliberation. Albert holds an architecture degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana, has several postgraduate degrees and has been a professor at several universities. He is also an artist, participating in over 17 group and individual exhibitions in graphic and plastic arts. Congratulations for this publication.

  • Congratulations to Rosario Molinero (Class of 1976) on her recent appointment as Ambassador of Mexico to Trinidad and Tobago, non-resident Ambassador to Surinam and Permanent Representative to the Organization of Caribbean States. Rosario has been a member of the Mexican Foreign Service since 1990 and holds a Bachelor’s in International Relations from the Colegio de México. We wish her every success in this new assignment as a representative for Mexico abroad.

  • Happy Easter!

  • Eduardo Andrade (class of 2013) received the “President’s Award”, bestowed by the Prince of Wales - in his role as the President of the Royal College of Music - as recognition of his exceptional creative work. “Lalo”, as his friends from the Modern American School know him, concluded his Bachelor’s in Composition and is currently studying a Master of Composition for Screen at the Royal College. In the past two years he has composed music for 25 short films, animations and documentaries. The short film “Leave a Print”, featuring Eduardo’s music, has been screened in over 30 film festivals. He is currently working on a new short at the famous Shepperton Studios. Congratulations!

  • Pippin was a great success! The junior year high school students from Modern American School presented the musical play “Pippin”. On a spectacular stage set, a performance troupe of actors confront our hero Pippin with different challenges and show him the many paths his life may take. However, something dark is revealed in the search for an extraordinary destiny. Pippin must decide if he will succumb to the demands of the actors, his family, society and even his superego, or, if he will find a different, unique and personal way to forge a path for himself and his life. Congratulations, your talent truly captivated us!

  • Welcome to the Springtime! Our Kindergarten students at the Modern American School experienced the unforgettable: the chance to observe over 12 days the metamorphosis of butterflies in their cocoons, and witness them being set free. Creating awareness about the importance of pollinators like butterflies and celebrating life cycles were a couple of the aims that we fulfilled through this activity done in science class.

  • The pupils in primary five at the Modern American School presented “Bee Day” with interesting and elaborate projects to bring awareness to this species that is currently in danger of extinction. The students visited an apiary and listened to informative talks from bee experts. They then spread the word of the great importance of this pollinating insect to their companions in primary school, in a fun and original context. We can help care for bees by putting plants on our balconies and roofs. We ought to avoid using pesticides in our gardens and buy original apicultural products.

  • The Modern American School athletics team competed in the CONADEIP national athletics championship in Querétaro. The students won seven medals, received as follows: Rodrigo, setting a new national record for the CONADEIP, won a gold medal in decathlon, gold for pole vault and bronze for long jump; Camila, gold in heptathlon and silver for shot put; Andreas, silver in hammer throw; Emmanuel, bronze in hammer throw.

  • We congratulate León Rodríguez Zahar (class of 1981) for the publication of his most recent novel “Memoires of the last Caliph of Bagdad or the twenty-six and one nights”, published by Vaso Roto Ediciones which will be presented by Alberto Ruy Sánchez on March 13 at the House of America in Madrid. León is the author of another novel, “The third goddess” and several academic books published by El Colegio de México: "The Islamic Revolution of Iran", "Lebanon, Mirror of the Middle East" and "Islamic Art, Evocation of Paradise", in addition to some essays on art.

  • The Mexican car Vuhl 05, designed and created by the alumni Guillermo Echeverría Miller (class of 2000) and his brother Iker Echeverría Miller (class of 2003), triumphed last February 3 in the “Race of Champions 2018” held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Vuhl 05 is an ultralight track car manufactured by the Echeverría brothers at their Querétaro plant. Congratulations and much success in the future!

  • The Modern American School Book Fair is one of the most important events in our school calendar - as this is where we celebrate the value that books have on the development of our pupils.

  • Valentine's Day!

  • MAS 66 Anniversary

  • Students at the Modern American School explore their physical abilities, motor skills and teamwork in the new kindergarten psychomotor classroom - a wonderful space where motor skill development of the young ones is enriched through vestibular, tactile and proprioceptive stimulation. We are sure that it will be one of the favorite places for the children!

  • For the first time in Mexico the NBA’s basketball tournament, in its Jr. High school category took place. The Modern American School was the only participating institution that took both its female and male team to play the finals. The games that defined the championship were carried out in the Arena Ciudad de México, where great support was felt from the MAS community dressed in red. The women’s team won second place and the men’s team brought back the trophy for Junior Champion of the NBA 2017. Congratulations to all the players - it made for a very exciting Sunday!

  • On the 24th of November the 1967 generation of the Modern American School got together in a restaurant in San Angel Inn to celebrate 50 years since they had graduated from High School. It turned out to be a pleasant and heart-warming event for the 30 people who went.  They celebrated looking at photos and videos which had been put together for the occasion.  They sang the school anthem - with speeches, laughter, hugs and a delicious cake which had been given by the Modern American School. 

  • Yearbook 2016-2017

  • We are filled with pride from the result obtained on the medal table by the Modern American School athletes in the 2017 Interschool Competitions. 44 medals in total: 24 gold, 13 silver and 7 bronze; 22 in the women's events and 22 in the men's events, while also earning four out of the eight possible trophies in the competition. Congratulations athletes and coaches, for your extraordinary teamwork!

  • The first place for the fourth consecutive year is for our cheerleaders in the Interschool Competitions. GO MAS!

  • The Modern American School has just opened a brand new, modern music classroom for its Elementary School students. The new space, which will also be used by the robotics students, is acoustically isolated and features a MIDI keyboard, Bluetooth speakers, a computer with music software, percussion instruments, projector and SmartBoard, among other things.

  • After 26 years, Mexico City has won the first place in the Mexican Mathematic Olympics with three gold medals and three silver.  Congratulations Thomas, your participation was fundamental in this achievement!

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Mexican Revolution

  • In the first exhibition of the school year, the Modern American School hosted as its guest an artist of international stature, master painter Roger von Gunten. The exhibition "From Outlines to Constellations" will undoubtedly be a source of inspiration for our children and young people, who are eager for new forms of expression.

  • Students and teachers of the Modern American School presented their traditional Offering for Day of the Dead dedicated to the poet virtuoso Juan Rulfo. We celebrate the centennial of his birth in 2017, as his influence is still important among new authors.

  • Happy Halloween!

  • In the first big conference of the program “MAS Prevención”, the Modern American School received as a guest one of the most recognized psychologists in the country, Julia Borbolla. Within her presentation, Julia created awareness about what a crisis is and the opportunity that change brings.

  • Students in their third year of secondary school at the Modern American School, that were preparing to carry out their visit to the archeological ruins of Teotihuacan, were specially attended by a great specialist in the field: Dr. Linda Manzanilla, an ex-alumni of the same school (Class of 1969). For just over an hour, she talked with them about the importance of Teotihuacan as the first large-scale city of Mesoamerica, especially pointing out the aspects of daily life and their multiethnic population. Dr. Manzanilla, it was a privilege having you with us.

  • Manuel Piñuela Rangel (Class of 2002), has been awarded with one of the accolades granted by the publication of MIT Technology Review to the ‘Innovators Under 35 Latam 2017’. Manuel created a new technology that extracts electromagnetic energy from the environment–such as radio signals, television or wireless Wi-Fi–and uses it to recharge small devices, e.g. sensors and gadgets of low energy consumption, a characteristic of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Congratulations Manuel for the award you will soon receive!

  • Congratulations to Kevin Smithers (Class of 2008), for composing the music in the film “Monster Island” that was recently released in cinemas in Mexico. Despite his youth, Kevin already boasts a notable portfolio of compositions for various films, television series and video games, including the short film “En la Azotea”, which received a nomination for ‘Best Original Music’ at the Sitges International Film Festival in 2016. We will also get a chance to appreciate his work in the video game World War Toons that is to be released presently. We are greatly pleased to hear of these recent achievements and wish him the best for the future.

  • We would like to congratulate two ex pupils who graduated from the school in 1986.  Gustavo Carvajal and Luis Fernando González, who are the founding partners of a law firm which specialises in corporate affairs, have just been nominated by Forbes Mexico as being one of the top ten in the country.  Congratulations Gustavo and Luis!

  • In accordance with the information published on the Education Secretariat’s (Secretaría de Educación Pública) web page, we are pleased to inform you that tomorrow morning all school activities - morning, afternoon and school transport - shall resume as normal.  This is with the exception of training and sports matches that take place outside of school.  This service shall resume starting next week.

  • Congratulations to Martha Navarrete Villareal, class of 1988, for her recent promotion to Director of Internal Audits for Latinamerica and Mexico for Citibanamex Group. Also, on July 19th, as part of a small team of Mexicans, she crossed the Gibraltar Strait by swimming from the island of Tarifa in Spain to Punta Cires in Morocco.  Congratulations Martha!"

  • The class of '82 met on July 22nd to celebrate their 35th graduation anniversary. Fernando Marrufo said: "35 years after graduating from high school the class of 82 of the glorious Modern American School was reunited. Although, only a few of the people who started this adventure were there for different reasons, the general feeling was profound gratitude to meet with so many former classmates after such a long time. Some are no longer with us, others could not be there, even so, we still love, cherish and appreciate them. Thank you all for a marvelous afternoon of celebrating friendships that were formed in Kindergarten. Truly endearing friends. We love you deeply! Congratulations Class of 82!

  • We would like to thank everybody in the school community for their support and partnership in helping the victims in Oaxaca and Chiapas. All together we managed to collect 1771.8 kg of powdered milk. On September 15th 2017, the collected goods were delivered to the Mexican Red Cross.

  • ¡Viva México!

  • The class of '77 celebrated its 40 year graduation on Saturday, July 1st with a lunch in Southern Mexico City. They had fun looking at their older yearbooks and remembering anecdotes about the past. It was a memorable afternoon. Congratulations Class of '77!

  • Welcome to the new school year 2017-2018!

Academic year 2017-2018

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1. Su autorización será revocable por el Titular de conformidad con las disposiciones aplicables en la Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares (en adelante la "Ley"). En caso de revocación, el Titular libera de responsabilidad a MAS sobre la consecuencia y causas de dicha revocación.

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La obligación de confidencialidad no será aplicable a: (i) información que sea del dominio público, que sea pública o que obre en fuentes de acceso público como dicho término se define en la Ley; (ii) información que resulte evidente, incluyendo para un técnico en la materia; (iii) información que previamente a su divulgación ya obre en poder de MAS o de cualquiera de las personas a que se refiere el numeral 4 anterior o haya sido desarrollada independientemente por MAS o por dichas personas; (iv) información que deba ser divulgada por disposición legal, orden judicial o de autoridad competente.

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El presente Aviso de Privacidad podrá ser modificado mediante un simple aviso por escrito y/o electrónico que MAS dirija al Titular de los Datos Personales con por lo menos treinta días naturales de anticipación a la fecha efectiva de la modificación. En el caso en que el Titular de los Datos Personales no esté de acuerdo con las modificaciones, éste tendrá el derecho de oposición en los términos anteriormente descritos. De no presentarse oposición durante los treinta días naturales señalados anteriormente o si la oposición resulta infundada, las modificaciones a este Aviso de Privacidad cuando no versen sobre datos personales sensibles se tendrán por aceptadas para todos los efectos legales a que haya lugar. No será necesario el procedimiento anterior cuando las modificaciones consten en acuerdo por escrito firmado o cuando medie consentimiento por el Titular de los Datos Personales.